A deep look into the Software & Training Services designed for Vocational Rehabilitation Departments

Software and Training Services for AIVRS

The American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AVIRS) is a federally funded, five-year grant by the Rehabilitation Act, the program provided by the U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration. The objective of the program is to help the Native Population with disabilities integrate into the workforce through training and reporting procedures.

TVR Software’s TVR (Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation) Program

The TVR Program was created over 20 years ago specifically for the AIVRS. The software has seen many updates and is constantly evolving. This in-compassing software program includes Certified Training and Help-desk Support.

TVR Software

Built to perform

  • Keep track of all your consumer cases with complete case record-sets.
  • Grow your AIVRS program, Stay on track, and achieve program goals.
  • Easy reporting for the AIVRS Annual report.
  • Complete report with all the information you need for RSA.
  • Know where the AIVRS program stands with Real-Time progress.
  • Attach client photos and documents to the case file.
  • Custom Controls Adaptable color and magnification for each user.
  • Real-Time Performance statistics graph on the main page.

TVR Reports + Key Operational Reports

Reporting the success of the AIVRS Programs depends on effective statistical reporting. We give you the tools to run your program at peak efficiency. Our reports will keep your goals on track and can make sure your reports are completed when reporting to RSA.

TVR Certified Training

TVR Software’s Certified TVR training is built with your team in mind. We have several different types of training programs & services depending on your team’s level of knowledge. This program is designed to be efficient while meeting necessary goals with Online Private Portals for Training & Tracking progress, On-location Instructor-led Training at your location, and Year-Round courses at any surrounding Albuquerque, NM areas.

The opportunity to expand the knowledge through the tools provided by TVR Training guarantees your work environment will be fun and productive.

Below are a few different types of training TVR Software provides:

  • New User Training
  • Team Building
  • Refresher Courses
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Custom Training Tailored for Your Team

TVR Support and Helpdesk

Our TVR Help-desk Team truly cares about your success in the AIVRS program. We are devoted to giving you the support needed to be successful. Contact Our Help-desk for any TVR problem that you encounter and our team will stay until the problem is fixed.

What you can expect from OUR TVR Help-desk is:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Support for Software user questions
  • Support for program errors
  • Ticketing system

VR Outreach Marketing Program

The Goal of AIVRS is to provide services to help people with disabilities get the help they need to find a new career/job. TVR Software’s TVR Outreach Marketing program attracts new customers and provided a needed resource to build a strong community.

The VR Outreach Marketing program has been created to support recruitment needs for increasing VR awareness. Websites and Marketing initiatives are created with Brand recognition built around your VR program – allowing for flexibility to tailor the program as needed.

Below are a few products and services we provide:

  • Logo Creation or Clean Up
  • Business Cards
  • Fliers
  • Website and Secure hosting
  • Google Listing
  • Tri-Folds
  • Reports

Reports and Support for Outreach efforts cover:

  • Monthly Reporting on Search Engine
  • Updates & Up-time
  • Site Sessions & Pageviews
  • Backups & Tracking of Keywords
  • Social Media Insights

Dedicated Developers and Designers

Work hand in hand with a dedicated designer to achieve the look and feel of your overall outreach program.

The VR Marketing website program includes:

  • Ongoing Maintenance of Website
  • Ongoing Plugin Updates, Security and Backups
  • Online support
  • Dedicated Help-desk.

VR Remote Help-desk for IT Services

Out IT team’s top priority is making sure your computers and network systems are protected and running smoothly. Being confident in the equipment and software you use every day can make a big difference in productivity.

Our managed service provides:

  • Increased productivity and reduced cost
  • Fast response
  • Backup of data
  • Multi-tiered knowledge
  • Virus Protection
  • Management of Emails
  • Security

Special IT Projects

Have a specific IT service spec? Our teams are ready to meet anytime to discuss services or changes in your network.

Additional service list:

TVR Software Team is dedicated and excited to support VR programs. Our TVR Software, Certified training, Outreach Marketing program along with full IT Management – Bocotek has you covered.